Filtran LLC is a global leader in filtration solutions and a trusted name around the world for quality automatic transmission filters. We are a top supplier to the OEM and Aftermarket customer, providing a full product line, worldwide, for every niche and market.


Filtran LLC is headquartered in Des Plaines, IL. Tomorrow’s filtration solutions are developed by our global research and development organization, and validated by our product testing center in Stillwater, OK. We support our global customers with state of the art manufacturing facilities in Des Plaines, IL; Morsbach, Germany; and Beijing, China. Our sales and engineering office in Shizuoka, Japan provides daily support to our customers in Japan.

Our product development engineers use the most advanced CFD (computational fluid dynamics), FEA (finite element analysis), and SuFis™ (simulation software) tools to design innovative and reliable filtration solutions. Over 600 employees worldwide work closely with customers and suppliers to manufacture and deliver quality, on time, products.

Quality is a cornerstone of our lean philosophy. All functions including new product development, manufacturing, and distribution are managed entirely within the Filtran LLC global quality system.

Filtran LLC is ISO-9000/TS-16949 certified and our quality has earned us many customer awards. Recent awards from our OEM customers include Toyota’s Quality Performance, Delivery Performance and Supplier Diversity Certificates of Achievement, Saturn’s Outstanding Achievement for Quality, and Mazda’s Quality Assurance Certificate.

For our innovation, we’ve been honored by Automotive Engineering International (AEI), Automotive Industries Association (AIA), and Automotive Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) with awards for new product development and the innovative use of materials.

Filtran LLC understands the importance of superior filtration solutions to maintain transmission and engine longevity and performance. We are experts in contaminant analysis, and we understand our customers’ need to continually improve the application of filtration technology.

To meet the clean fluid requirements of today’s vehicles, we develop and use the most advanced filter medias, be they woven or non-woven, synthetic or non-synthetic, to remove a maximum amount of particles while providing maximum oil flow. Our Sealed-Seam Zero Leak® technology locks the filter media in place to eliminate leaks, fluid bypass, and contamination migration.

Filtran LLC cares about the quality of our environment and is committed to maintaining its IS0 14001 Environmental Certification.

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