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Filtration Group Process Systems (Amafilter – LFC Lochem) has an extensive product range like filter elements, filter cartridges, filter bags and filter sheets, filter housings and modules to large system installations. Tell us your application and we will advise which product would fit best to support your application..

Your total solution provider in filtration

We understand our customer’s increasingly demanding and complex process and environmental requirements. Drawing from one of the industry’s broadest in-house technology bases, our market specialists and engineering teams are experienced to design a total filtration solution for our customers.

Available worldwide

Filtration Group offers a complete range of products, services and support for filtration and separation technologies on a global basis. Globally positioned with production facilities and regional sales offices in Europe, USA and Asia.

Well experienced, highly skilled

Filtration Group supports direct sales and a large network of distributors and agents. The group’s capabilities are backed by decades of innovative experience in providing filtration solutions to a broad range of industries.

Continuous improvements, highest standards

Filtration Group continues to develop products with the highest standards, enabling its customers to comply with strictest environmental regulations, industry demands and increasing complexity.

Finding solutions

We believe in partnering with our customers to provide total filtration solutions throughout the life of your filters. Our team of experts can help to optimize your filtration process and streamline your efficiency for a better total cost of ownership.

Giving support

We offer design, testing, commissioning and service together with customer support. We also offer service for auditing, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance on-site.

One stop shop

Our service department has decades of experience in filtration processes and equipment. We are able to offer comprehensive maintenance and repair programs. We supply filter spares, elements, leaves and equipment upgrades for most types of filtration equipment.

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We are here for you

We have access to a team of filtration experts in your industry. Our filters can be designed compliant with any design code and are delivered worldwide. With it’s sales offices and manufacturing in the Netherlands, France, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany and the USA, Amafilter & LFC Lochem are world renowned by it’s solutions and added value it provides to the process filtration industry.

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Industry solutions

Chemical industries


The Chemical market faces various filtration challenges. These can include the quality of bulk chemicals, intermediates up to ultra fine chemicals.


Filtration Group has decades of experience in being able to supply innovative filtration technologies to provide optimized solutions for the chemical processing industries current and future challenges.

Consistency & quality

Our products and services are designed to provide manufacturers of chemicals with the highest consistency and quality. The removal of any contaminants is essential in avoiding any costly re-work and improving product yield.

Food & beverages

Quality & cleanliness

In most processes of the Food and Beverage industry large volumes of products need to be handled. The quality and cleanliness of both the product and the plant are paramount to hygienic operation and process.Filtration Group offers solutions for the different requirements of individual manufacturers, offering efficiency and economy together with reliability.

Extensive product range

Our extensive product range can be utilized for all areas of the food and beverage market, ranging from coarse clarification to sterile filtration, for the removal of microorganisms. Sterile conditions allow the manufacturer to improve shelf life, consistent quality and reduction in the addition of preservatives and protection of the final product.

Oil, gas & petrochemical

Effective & economic

Filtration Group offers a broad range of outstandingly effective and economic products for crude oil separation and waste water deoiling.Our systems are supremely reliable and require very little maintenance. Filtration Group Process Systems (Amafilter / LFC Lochem) offers a broad range of outstandingly effective and economic products for crude oil separation and waste water deoiling. Our systems are supremely reliable and require very little maintenance.


Filtration Group Process Systems (Amafilter / LFC Lochem) can engineer, design and build pressure leaf, cartridge, PTS and cricket filters compliant with any design code.

  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU
  • ASME U-stamp or CRN *
  • EN13445
  • AD2000 *
  • SELO
  • TRCU32
  • British Standard
  • NR13
  • AS 1210

Our Products

Filter bags, cartridges, housings, drain, and top filter cloth


Amafilter – LFC Lochem has an extensive product range. Filter components like filter elements, filter cartridges – bags and sheets, filter housings and modules to large system installations. We offer a wide range of solutions. Tell us your application and we will advise which product would fit best to support your application.

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Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

The amafilter – LFC Lochem Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter is a closed filtration system and can be automated. This filter produces high filtrate clarity after the clarification run and is also suitable for most filter aids. The regeneration time between the filtration cycles is optimized and short.

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Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

The amafilter – LFC Lochem Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter is an extremely economical filter which has proven technology. Our vertical filters require only a small footprint. Our vertical filter systems are equipped with a cover lift assembly. Other cover lift assembly types are available on request.

Learn more about our vertical pressure leaf filters

Cricketfilter Technology®

The amafilter – LFC Lochem Cricketfilter® technology has been developed to separate solid particles from a liquid in such a way that the solid particles can be discharged if dry matter or a slurry. Liquid losses are kept to an absolute minimum. The Cricket filtration process is a batch process based on cake filtration and is fully automated.

Learn more about our Cricketfilter technology

Seawater filters with automatic backflushing

The seawater filter is a backflushing filter for the removal of solid contaminants from water and emulsions. Filtered residues are automatically discharged without interrupting the filtration process. The robust design of this filter ensures high functional reliability and minimum running costs.

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Systems: Turn-key solutions

Custom tailor made filtration solutions

Together with our customers amafilter – LFC Lochem can provide Turn-Key filter solutions. Our team offers the knowledge and expertise to design and develop complete filtration systems.

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Spare parts & services

Filtration Group is ready to help you with parts of our brands like Amafilter, LFC Lochem, Eurofiltec, Mahle. Our service base has a long history. Contact us for help with your filter.

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Filter leaves rescreen & repair service

Amafilter – LFC Lochem offers the best in rescreen and repair services for your used or damaged pressure leaf filter screens. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing center and our experienced and dedicated craftsmen in Lochem, the Netherlands allows for the inspection, rescreen, repair or replacement of many 5 ply screens available in the marketplace today.

Learn more about filter rescreening and repair services

Pilot / Test units


Before you decide which filtration system is best suited we offer the possibility of using a pilot or test unit. Filtration Group Process Systems has an extensive range of test or pilot units available for you. 

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Talk to our filtration expert!

Talk to our filtration expert!

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