Filtration Group selected by Yelo Enterprises for UK’s first new full scale rapeseed oil plant for 30 years.


Filtration Group selected by Yelo Enterprises for UK’s first new full scale rapeseed oil plant for 30 years


New development

Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem was selected for the UK’s first-full scale Rapeseed Oil plant for 30 years, supplying seven Automatic Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters (VERSIS-VPLF) for Multiple Refining stages in the Production Process. The Yelo plant operation is unique, it is designed to generate its own heat and power from low-grade biomass wood.

Yelo will only use UK farm assured rapeseed from the central and eastern counties and once cleaned seed is delivered to site, the Refining process via Filtration Group Pressure Leaf Filter units will deliver animal feed (primary feed delivered via the PLF units)

The Process

The locally farmed rapeseed is stored, cleaned, heated and crushed at the site which creates two unrefined products – untreated oil seed cake for animal feed and a coarse oil which is the primary product.


Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem) VERSIS Automatic Vertical Pressure leaf Filters were selected by a contractor who Filtration Group has worked with internationally for many years delivering competitive solutions to Edible Oil producers.

The Operations Manager at the Yelo site commented that he has used these products in various European locations, working successfully to produce quality Edible oils with minimal downtime.

May 2019 the Yelo plant is in its final stages of Commissioning and will be ready for the 2019 Harvest.


Primary filtration steps

  • Step 1 The oilseed is vacuum dried to remove moisture.
  • Step 2 The oil is then first pressed through 2 x amafilter-LFC Lochem VERSIS Automatic Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters with 48m2 surface area each.
  • Step 3 and again through another two amafilter –LFC Lochem VERSIS VPLF units with 40m2 surface area each removing finer solids.
  • The Automatic Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters use no consumables and use the solids in the oil to build a ‘cake’ on the fine mesh screens which builds in the clarification process. The ‘cake’ acts as the filter and is removed via an automatic process; stopping flow, removing pressure and then vibrating the Leaves and opening the bottom discharge valve.
  • The solids are the expeller cake heat treated, which, become the branded animal feed product.
  • Step 4 The unrefined oil is then centrifuged to remove the Phosphorus Lipids (Gums) from the oil.
  • Step 5 Wet De-gumming process is followed by a dry de-gumming process utilizing a single VERSIS VPLF unit with a surface area of 24m2 which utilizes cellulose powder and or granulated carbon to aid in the process of degumming the oil.
  • Step 6 The oil is bleached to remove Chlorophyll using 2 x VERSIS VPLF units with 14m2 surface area each utilizing clay and or cellulose.
  • The refined oil is then Deodorised and passed through ‘Police’ Filter Bags into storage tanks. From storage into distribution channels, the oil again passes through ‘Police’ Filter Bags

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