Filter leaves

Manufacturing and rescreening

Many leading companies in a wide range of industries depend on our filter leaves as a critical part of their processes.

Chemical and food processing industries place highest requirements on process quality, cleanliness, systems reliability, and products quality. Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem) filtration solutions are used, for example, in the production of sugar, cocoa or edible oils, sulfur and many chemical processes.

With over 60,000 systems installed Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem) is a leading supplier of filter leaves for horizontal and vertical pressure leaf filters.

Experience & Craftsmanship

With over 50 years of experience in pressure leaf filters, amafilter & LFC Lochem team is able to produce according to the highest quality standards in its state of the art facilities.

Our team is well experienced and many of our fabricators are a highly skilled craftsman.

Dedicated team and well experienced craftsmen for filter leaves production, refurbishment and rescreening


Under normal circumstances, a filter leaf can have an expected lifespan up to 10 years and our reinforced leaves up to 20 years.

Even after those many years, the filter leaves can often be reconditioned by our team which saves up to 40% of the costs of new filter leaves.

Quick delivery & competitive pricing

We are the preferred supplier to many industrial companies offering a strong knowledgebase, short lead times and competitive pricing.

Your problem, our challenge

Amafilter LFC Lochem differs from many other suppliers by a specific approach to each customer and each problem.

Popular Binders and Closures

Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem) is able to rebuild and repair your filter elements with the use of original binders and closures.

Adequate supplies are in stock to enable us to manufacture most standard types of rectangular or circular leaves quickly and at competitive prices.
Filtration Group Process Systems manufactures a variety of filter leaves differing in shape, design, and choice of material.

Our experience in solid-liquid filtration enables us to rebuild, rescreen old leaves and offer new leaves for almost any make of filter, with superior craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Round, cylindrical, conical and tubular-shaped filter elements are also made for your application in almost any requested material.

Leaves to original or improved specifications

The design and construction of filter leaves is probably the most critical part of a filter. The filter element is the actual heart of each filter and many
problems with pressure leaf filters are caused by improper leaf constructions and design. The performance of a filter leaf highly depends on the design and the choice of:

  • Filter media
  • Drainage and support screen
  • Binder and closure
  • Outlet

Reinforced construction possibilities

For some industries where heavy-duty filter leaves are needed we can offer reinforced leaves with bolted construction, stronger frames and an extended lifetime up to 20 years.

Better leaves lower the costs of ownership

Our standard leaves employ a 5 ply construction that ensures optimal filtration performance and durability. Our experience has shown that the 5-ply construction offers you lower ownership costs over time.

Rescreening all types of filter leaves

Our rescreen capabilities cover a wide range of configurations and manufacturers of leaf filters.

We have the capabilities to rescreen many 5–ply filter leaf element designs including, circular, rectangular, conical, and tubular-shaped filter leaves, as well as competitor products. Almost any filter leaf can be rescreened or improved at our facility.