Global Filter – High Purity- Electronics Grade PTFE (DS_EPTFE_170503_)


High Purity- Electronics Grade PTFE

PTFE Membrane Cartridges for High Purity Process Fluids in Microelectronics Applications

EPTFE Electronics Grade filter cartridges provide superior chemical resistance for highpurity microelectronics applications requiring contaminant removal to 0.01µ. The EPTFE Series offers consistent removal of contaminants from aggressive fluids and organic solvents. In air and gas applications, the single-layer PTFE membrane, delivers superior hydrophobicity to polypropylene or PVDF; offering the best option to prevent water retention, flow blockage and microbial growth. The extend-area option offers up to 40% more surface area. This additional area results in significant increases in flowrate and loading capacity in the same footprint.


Product Information

Ultra-Pure Water Rinse

Each cartridge receives an extended rinse with 18 mega-ohm UPW to ensure ultra-low levels of extractable substances and a quick rinse-up at the point of installation.

Typical applications

Solvent filtration
Etching bath solutions
High purity rinse water
Photochemical solutions
Bulk chemical delivery
Ultrapure electronics – grade gases

Construction Materials

Membrane PTFE
Support Layers Polypropylene
Cage/Core/Adapters Polypropylene
Seals Buna, EPDM, Silicone,
Viton®, FFKM, Teflon® Encapsulated Viton®

Cartridges are available with wet-pack option (60/40 IPA/DI water solution) to eliminate the need to wet-out in the environment.


Cartridges are 100% integrity tested at the point of manufacture to ensure quality standards and retention performance.


Length: 10 to 40 inches (25.4 to 101.6 cm) nominal
Outside Diameter: 2.70 inches (7.0 cm) nominal

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