Our mission


We make the world safer.

By the year 2050, there will be an additional 2.3 billion people on earth. The need for food and access to clean water will increase, along with the demand for healthcare and improved medical technology.

We help to solve the challenges of worldwide growth. We develop filtration solutions that make our foods safer. We clean the water supply so millions of people have access to water that is free of contaminants. Our filters make the air safer to breathe in airports, schools, homes, hospitals, workplaces and virtually everywhere we reside.

With our products on land, water and in the air we ensure that processes run smoothly in all places where a malfunction and system failure could pose a danger to humans or the environment and by offering efficient filtration and separation solutions that cleanly separate harmful and poisonous substances in closed systems.orld safer.


We make the world healthier.

Our filtration and separation solutions purify and recycle process and cooling water back into the natural cycle by providing the technical foundation for utmost care in the manufacture of medicines and food processing, and by providing filtration and separation processes without the use of chemical additives.

Air quality in airports, factories and power plants is often unhealthy. New standards will soon help decrease worldwide carbon pollution by 470-700 million tons and result in air that is cleaner and healthier.

Water, one of our most precious commodities, is often unhealthy and requires solving complex contamination control challenges. Our water filtration products are used to make the water we use, and drink, healthier. Our filtration solutions exceed safety standards across a wide range of industries. We help to clean air and water to help millions of people around the world live healthier lives.

More Productive.

We make the world more productive.

The more efficient that processes are, the more productive and profitable businesses can be. Downtime caused by equipment failure costs time and money and can create unsafe job environments. We work closely with our customers to design, test and manufacture solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

We help automobile and industrial manufacturers improve the quality of their operations and protect sophisticated equipment from harmful dust and other contaminants. Refineries, gas-processing and petrochemical plants rely on our products to increase yields, protect essential gas and liquid transmission pipelines. By helping to reduce emissions that protect the environment, we are lighting the way for future generations.

By offering products that keep machines running continuously, by helping to improve the quality of products and end products with our filtration and separation systems and by making sure that invested assets preserve their value with clever solutions, thereby contributing to a company’s profitability.

Together, we make the world safer, healthier & more productive.