New Optimized Cricketfilter® element

We’ve optimized our Cricketfilter® element. A new welding process and a new, 3 part design, with more punctured holes, results in improvements in your filtration processes.

cricketfilter new vs old

Improved cleanability

The higher punctured holes ensure a better cleanability during Cleaning In Place (CIP), especially for food applications.

Smoother surface

The new Cricketfilter® element is designed with 3 instead of 5 parts. We were able to reduce welding, this ensures an even smoother surface than the earlier design. This makes the Cricketfilter® element more resistant against contamination such as corrosion in the chemical market or bacteria in the food market.

Mould welded

Thanks to a new welding process our new Cricketfilter® element has much more accurate dimensional tolerances. More constant measurements reduce the mounting time of cloth.


The “rooftop” design has changed to a fluent design which is a big improvement when avoiding the accumulation of solids.