Tony Dinsbach

Area Sales Manager Systems, Filtration Group Process Systems, Global customers

Area Sales Manager Systems, specialized in the food and beverage market

Mr. Dinsbach is responsible for selling our systems, consumables, spares and services in the food and beverage market.

Mr. Dinsbach started out on the purchase side but has been active in sales for over 30 years now. From capital goods to consumables. Mr. Dinsbach has experience in many industries. For the last 21 years Mr. Dinsbach has been selling almost everything in the filtration industry and gathered extensive technical and process knowledge. Mr. Dinsbach has helped many customers find economical solutions in their filtration processes.

As an out-of-the-box thinker his experience comes in well when helping customers find different solutions where others fail. With the goal of satisfied customers and offering safe but cost saving solutions Mr. Dinsbach is here for you to find the right filtration solution.

“I have achieved many successful projects with customers troughout my career. The main thing is to listen well and advise the exact solution for your customer. Projects in Cocoa-sugar-chemical market and edible oil are my favorite.”