VC Cartridge filter sulphur filtration

The amafilter – LFC Lochem cartridge filter is used as a safety / police filter to prevent precoat material pass through during filtration by the horizontal pressure leaf filter due to operation errors, insufficient precoat or strong changes in flow.

The VC Cartridge filter sulphur filtration is used as a polishing filter for the removal of fine ash and other particles after the main filtration step. After the main filtration step solid content in sulphur has decreased to 10-20 ppm. The cartridges are mounted on the septum plate and the septum plated is mounted between the cover flange and the tank flange. This allows for quick and easy exchange with a new stack of filter cartridges. amafilter-LFC Lochem cartridge filters are placed downstream of the horizontal pressure leaf filter and filtrate storage tanks. It has a heating jacket in order to maintain the required elevated temperature. With a amafilter – LFC Lochem cartridge filter the impurities content reduces to less than 5 ppm for particles larger than 5 μm which improves burner durability.