Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter for Molten Sulphur filtration

amafilter – LFC Lochem designs, develops and manufactures advanced vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters. A pressure leaf filter is a filter with a large filtration area due to the shape of the filter elements. A pressure leaf filter produces high filtrate clarity after the clarification run.

Thanks to the hermetically closed system together with its pressure energized self-sealing system it is the perfect solution in sulfur filtration.

The Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter is a closed filtration system and can be automated upon customer request. This filter produces high filtrate clarity after the clarification run and is suitable for most filter aids. The regeneration time between the filtration cycles is short which increases productivity.

Key characteristics

  • Large filtration area due to the shape of the filter elements
  • Robust rectangular filter screens, double sided and easy to clean
  • Heating jacket to maintain high process temperatures
  • Horizontal pressure leaf filters can be delivered as tandem units to save floor space
  • Pressure Leaf Filters can be automated upon customer request
  • The pressure leaf filter itself has no rotating parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum
  • The filter leaf spacing is 125 mm to allow precoat and longer filtration times
  • The filter leaves are mounted on a manifold for easy removal and mounting.
  • Heavy duty filter screens with five layers of wiremesh and reinforced bindings to protect the rim during manual cake removal
  • Matching guidance energy chain transport system for electrical wiring and steam hose (retractable shell models)
  • Exchangable inlet manifold side bars on each side of the filter elements to ensure easy accessability
  • Teflon scraper blades for easy cake removal
  • Hydraulic bayonet closing system

Retractable shell with a lower support frame

The bundle doesn’t move here, the shell is supported by rails and moves over the bundle.

Retractable shell with an overhead suspension frame

The bundle doesn’t move, the shell hangs from a support structure and moves over the bundle.

Retractable bundle

The shell doesn’t move; the bundle with filter elements moves in and out of the shell.


Amafilter – LFC Lochem can engineer, design and build pressure leaf filters compliant with many design codes like:

(PED) 2014/68/EU ; ASME U-stamp or CRN * ; EN13445 ; AD2000 * ; TRCU32 ; British Standard ; NR13 ; AS 1210 ; CODAP ; SELO and others.

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