Advanced modularized set-up for the filtration of molten sulphur

Compact automated plug&play filtration system

Compact automated plug&play filtration system

Amafilter LFC Lochem as part of Filtration Group developed an advanced modularized set up for the filtration of Molten Sulphur with a daily capacity of up to 540 Metric Tonnes Per Day.

The Compact automated plug&play filtration system is tailor made to customer specifications.

Lower transport costs

It is designed to fit on standard truck sizes resulting in lower transport costs.

Heavy duty

The skid is equipped with robust heavy duty filter elements and with reinforced binding.

High Sulphur filtrate quality

The horizontal pressure leaf filter can achieve a high Sulphur filtrate quality up to max. 10 ppm of solid impurities.

Easy accessibility

Exchangable inlet manifold side bars on each side of the filter elements ensure easy accessibility.

Higher quality

The cartridge filter is designed for heavy duty processes and uses easy cleanable filter cartridges. This increases the Sulphur filrate quality to an even higher level Of max. 5 ppm of solid impurities.

Closure system

Opening and closing of the filters is made easy by a special hydraulic bayonet closure system.

Connections on one side

The piping with all process connections are placed on just one side of the skid for easy plug and play.

Guidance/energy chain transport system

We also supply a matching guidance/energy chain transport system for electrical wiring and steam hose.

Reinforced framework and full instrumentation

The Compact automated plug&play filtration system is equipped with a reinforced framework,  control panel and full instrumentation. All specially designed and suited for molten Sulphur and for heavy duty performance.

Know-how & know-why

Amafilter LFC Lochem, Filtration Group Process Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in solid-liquid filtration and separation to solve diverse needs. Together we are making the world safer, healthier and more productive.