Molten Sulphur Filtration Solutions

Sulphur filtration by Amafilter LFC Lochem - Filtration Group Process Systems

The removal of solids from molten sulphur is generally done by pressure leaf filters. For over 60 years Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem) designs, engineers and manufactures pressure leaf filters for molten sulfur filtration. Over the years over 15,000 pressure leaf filters have been delivered in various industries to customers worldwide.

Sulphur project Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Our added value in Molten sulphur filtration

  • Leading manufacturer in Molten Sulphur filtration
  • In-house design, engineering & manufacturing
  • Manufactured with the highest standards
  • Compliant with any design code
  • Steady parts supply for years of ownership
  • Rescreening or replacement of filter leaves
  • Dedicated stock, more productive
  • Combined experience in filtration of over 500 years

Extensive experience in Molten Sulphur

Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem) is the undisputed market leader. With our extensive experience, we are able to optimize your total process performance.

Impurities have a negative impact on a trouble-free continuous production of sulfuric acid.

When the catalyst in the burner/converter is progressively polluted by impurities the pressure drop will increase quickly and which will cause shorter operating cycles. Shorter operating cycles result in longer downtime, lower production capacity, and higher production costs.

A similar problem is faced in the production of carbon disulfide, in which process reactor tubes are susceptible to blockage by dirt with the same end result.

The elemental sulfur needs to be filtered from impurities that can be present in the molten sulphur. The impurities are ash, dust, and organic particles.

Filtration lower maintenance costs

Filtration of molten sulphur is the best solution to lower the maintenance interval of the Sulphur burners, catalyst beds, and pipe reactors significantly from 3-6 months to 2 years.

Sulphur project horizontal pressure leaf filter Turkey


Sulphur filters can be found in the following industries:

  • Fertilizer industry
  • Sulphuric and phosphoric acid production
  • Oil refineries
  • Rubber production
  • Mining
  • Carbon disulfide (CS2) producers

Key advantages

  • Best design available in the market today.
  • Mechanical finish of the highest standard, leading to the longevity of amafilter LFC Lochem filters.
  • Impact-resistant and tightly assembled 5-ply filter plates with superior release properties.
  • Lower maintenance costs resulting from proprietary engineering, not just for your filters but also for the downstream protected burner nozzles.
  • Experience-based cycle algorithms to optimize your total process performance.
  • Extensive process support for commissioning and local design requirements.
  • Advanced operator training and pragmatic testing guidance.
  • Fully-fledged quality assurance system and certification/compliance track record.
  • And last but not least close customer interaction, whenever you need it, wherever you are.