Filtration of sugar and sweeteners

Filtration of sugar and sweeteners

Filtration is an essential process step in the sugars and sweeteners industry and knowledge of the process in combination with creativity is a key to success in solving filtration problems. The type and quality of incoming feedstock used for sugars and sweeteners production widely varies. This requires extensive filtration expertise to apply the appropriate technologies in a process.

Beet sugar filtration

Typical filtration processes

Filtration in the processing of Beet sugar

  • Thickening and safety filtration of beet end liquids after first and second carbonatation and sulphitation.
  • Purification of sugar end liquids as thick juice, standard liquor, remelt and molasses.

Filtration in the processing/refining of Cаnе sugar:

  • Thickening and safety filtration after carbonatation, sulphitation, and phosphatation.
  • Safety – and polishing filtration of juices and activated carbon (GAC/PAC) removal after decolouration.

Filtration in the liquid Sugar / Sugar syrup processing/refining

Safety – and polishing filtration, purification before decolouration and РАС removal after decoloration, optionally followed by а sterilization filtration.

Filtration of sweeteners

Starch hydrolysates/syrups filtration:

Pre-filtration of various streams in starch refining, GAC / РАС removal and safety filtration after decolouration, ion-exchange pre-filtration, load out filtration, enzyme -, acids – and condensate filtration.

Polyols filtration:

  • Pre-filtration of various streams, catalyst removal after hydrogenation, GAC / РАС removal after decolouration and ion-exchange pre-filtration.
  • Straining, safety – and polishing filtration
  • Straining, safety – and polishing filtration in various process steps such as process water, wash water, boiler feed water, condensate, centrifuge wash water, pump gland water, fuel oil and additives such as enzymes or acids.

Applications Sweeteners decoloration

Sugar & sweetener solutions by Filtration Group Process Systems

At Filtration Group Process Systems, we believe in partnering with our customers to provide total filtration solutions.

Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC lochem has provided integrated solutions to sugar and sweetener producers around the globe for decades for the filtration of sugar and sweeteners. Filtration Group Process Systems is one of a few filtration companies that can provide the total filtration solutions required to address the unique challenges associated with the production of sugars and sweeteners.

Amafilter – LFC Lochem has been supplying customers in the sugar and sweeteners industry with many different filtration solutions. With products like our excellent Horizontal and Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters, Pulse Tube Filters, RotoJet filters, and our unique Cricketfilter technology we offer what it takes to be highly appreciated by leading sugar and sweeteners producers globally.

With a demonstrated history starting in 1930, we offer know-how from experience, extensive support and a steady supply of spare parts throughout the life of your filters. Our laboratory – and on-site services can help to optimize your filtration process and streamline your efficiency.

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