Case study: Filtration Group Ltd. (Process Systems) helps Farrington Oils Ltd. with edible oil filtration solutions and better sleep at night.

Filtration Group helps Farrington Oils Ltd. with edible oil filtration solutions and better sleep at night.


When Filtration Group first installed our Versis 610-5/930 fully automated system it was to replace a filter press which required full supervision in operation and regular down time for cleaning. The system comprised of Versis pressure leaf filter on a skid with all necessary stainless steel feed tank and pipework and local PLC based control panel with a nice easy to use HMI touch screen. This was a major investment for Duncan Farrington, founder of Farrington Oils, developing his edible oil business. Little did we know what a key part our filtration system would play in the development of this already well established process for production of a highly successful brand leading rapeseed oil. As a well organised LEAF Marqued business with virtually zero waste and after 14 years in production, Farrington Oils now produce more product in 3 days than they did in a whole year.


Filtration Group Process Systems are the market leader for edible oil filtration systems and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance our products and services. So when we were approached by our long standing customer to provide remote access to their PLC control system for their Versis vertical pressure leaf filtration system, we were more than happy to provide a suitable solution.

As rapeseed oil systems are often located in remote farms/farm buildings, if there is an operational issue or breakdown, it can cause a serious break in production to this critical FMCG supply chain. This is something that rapeseed farmers work hard to avoid but when something does go wrong, they often have to jump in their cars and race to the farm to address the issue as quickly as possible (sometimes in the middle of the night).


So in order to help the customer further automate and enhance the reliability of his filtration system, we searched the market for a suitable remote access interrogation system and subsequently sourced, supplied and installed a remote VPN router to link into the existing Siemens PLC and HMI to enable remote access and override to address any production threatening problems as quickly as they arise.

This has now been installed and is working well to provide peace of mind that the filter system is in full production at all times and the farmers can sleep at night.

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case study Farrington Oils Ltd (UK)

case study Farrington Oils Ltd (NL)


Staff profile: Geoff Jennings, Managing Director Filtration Group Ltd. United Kingdom

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