Cricketfilter®, the preferred solution for the filtration of cocoa butter

Cocoa powder is used for chocolate milk or as a topping on hot drinks. Cocoa powder is also the ingredient that makes the difference between brown and white chocolate!

Cocoa butter is used for the production of chocolate as well. Cocoa butter melts around 36°C (97°F) and gives chocolate the smoothness and the characteristic that it melts in your mouth.

Cocoa butter is also used in cosmetics. Especially in ointments and lip balm.

Cocoa butter filtration was one of the first Cricketfilter® applications in 1988.

The Cricketfilter® is a pressure filter with a large specific filtration area due to the shape of the filter elements. The Cricketfilter® is unique because of its patented filter elements, which allow discharge of the filter cake by back pulsing.

The Cricketfilter® is used for clarification of cocoa butter, directly after the cacao press. The Cricketfilter® is a proven filter system in this industry and successfully in use at many major cacao producers.

Clarification of cacao butter is thickening filtration. The Cricketfilter® is fed by a top feed. At the end of the filtration cycle, the filter cake is back pulsed and sediments into the filter cone. The cylindrical part of the filter is emptied via the partial drain. Thereafter the cake slurry is drained through the bottom valve. The cake slurry is sent back to the feed tank before the cocoa press, avoiding any product loss.

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