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Precision, productivity and efficiency

Every day you strive to achieve the highest level of precision, productivity and efficiency. Taking every precaution, every opportunity to maintain the utmost quality, maximize uptime and adhere to increasingly stricter regulations. Not only does every decision you make matter, but your success depends on it. Making sure you have the right partners in place is just as crucial. Partners that strive to deliver the same quality products and hallmark level of service you do. Partners that are strategic, forward-thinking and enable you to do what you do better than ever before.

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We are Filtration Group.

We are the one global partner that truly understands that the success of our customers depends on responsiveness, quality of product and continuity of supply. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide consistent and seamless filtration solutions across an impressive range of business applications.

A world-leading provider, we have the experience, resources and scale to accommodate any filtration need — standard or otherwise — with the most precise, advanced and efficient solution around the globe. We offer a level of acumen and accountability no other provider can match.

Advanced solutions

At Filtration Group we know that the most advanced solutions don’t stay the most advanced for long. Which is why our engineers and innovation teams are constantly working toward what’s next. We are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions available in Life Sciences, Process Technologies, Fluid and Indoor Air Quality.


Filtration Group Corporation Brands:

Indoor Air QualityLife SciencesIndustrial TechnologiesFluid

Indoor Air Quality Division

Good air quality isn’t something anyone takes lightly. We are in a position to significantly improve the air in our customers’ work environments — and our environment as a whole — and are committed to providing the highest-efficiency, highest performing, highest-quality air filters across the largest range of industries all over the world.

From air filters to cost savings, our Environmental Air customers benefit from world-leading solutions and expertise.

Indoor Air Quality brands include:

  • Filtration Group Finishing
  • Filtration Group HVAC
  • Purafil
  • Universal Air Filter
  • Waco

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

We are a leading broad-line manufacturer for a diverse range of products for commercial and industrial HVAC applications.

High-efficiency air intake filtration

Our air intake filter materials give indoor environments, commercial applications and industrial processes the ultimate protection from harmful ingress of natural and inorganic dust or other solid contaminants.

Automotive coating, body repair and spray painting filtration

We’re a recognized specialist supplier for leading auto assembly and body repair companies in Europe, North America and Asia as well as their subsidiaries worldwide. Distributing custom filters for the finishing market for half a century, we’ve grown into a one-stop shop for a finishing operations’ filtration and maintenance needs.

Customized air filters

We’re a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality, custom air filters and offer personalized technical support in high-pressure and fast-paced markets.

“Up-to-the-challenge” solutions

Our filters have been proven to protect gas turbines, sensitive manufacturing processes and high-tech equipment as well as medical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and electronic facilities.

The latest technology

Our fully automated process ensures that all our products are always technologically relevant.

Energy and cost savings

We offer many sustainability options, such as system upgrades, filter recycling and energy-efficient products. We also work with you to provide engineered process solutions that reduce the overall cost of filtration and improve your profitability.

Life Sciences Division

Healthcare providers entrust Filtration Group for innovative medical devices, venting, diffusing and filtration materials that enable safe and effective medical treatment. From material sciences to medical applications, no other filtration provider offers the healthcare industry with the level of accountability, technology and expertise we do.

Life Sciences Brands include:

  • AG industries
  • Buffalo Filter
  • Porex

POREX® porous polymer technology.

We are the leading producer and innovator of sintered porous plastic components for the healthcare industry. Our unique porous polymer technology is used to enhance everyday items, including air fresheners, fragrance diffusers, carbon filters for water bottles and writing instruments. Our customized solutions for critical filtration and venting, diffusion and wicking functions are recognized as the “Standard of Performance” in the industry.

Leading respiratory products

We offer a complete line of respiratory filters, accessories and replacement supplies for both inpatient and outpatient care, and specialize in products for oxygen therapy, sleep apnea/CPAP, ventilation, suction, nebulizer treatment and airway management.

Surgical smoke plume evacuation

Filtration Group is the recognized global leader in advanced smoke evacuation technology. Our products remove and filter hazardous surgical smoke plumes created in all operative environments and are easy to use by staff.

Medical devices

Our products provide cost effective solutions with enhanced performance for a wide range of medical device applications, including:
  • Hospital central vacuum systems, arterial syringes, urine bags, catheters and blood filtration
  • Media retention filters used in the production of dialysis systems
  • Inhalers, nebulizers, spray pumps and other drug delivery devices
  • Filtration media for an extensive range of laboratory, diagnostic and research products

Engineering confidence

From product design expertise and custom manufacturing to providing unparalleled product performance, our team works with global market leaders to create new and next-generation products that improve the delivery of healthcare.


We are always working on new and existing products, technology and processes to make healthcare functions easier, safer and more effective. The future of healthcare all but guarantees that change will be constant, and you can count on Filtration Group to keep up, right along with it.

Industrial Technologies Division

When there’s a literal fine line between what you need and don’t need, you need…us. For over 100 years, we’ve helped companies all over the world improve their critical processes through innovation and cost efficiency. A global leader in industrial process filtration, only Filtration Group’s Process Technologies Division delivers the performance, quality and consistency you need to separate yourself from the competition. With extensive market expertise that includes the Oil & Gas, Mining & Minerals, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries, we have all your processing needs covered.

Industrial Technologies Brands include:

  • Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem
  • Clear Edge Filtration
  • Filtrair
  • Global Filter
  • Jonell

Oil & Gas

Always advancing the economics of gas filtration and pursuing new technologies, we provide state-of-the-art filtration and separation products, including a range of pleated and depth style, as well as coalescing filters.

Mining & Minerals

Through years of partnering with mining operations and OEMs, we’ve developed one of the broadest ranges of filtration products optimized for mining applications, including press filter cloths, woven and spiral belts and dust bag filters.

Food & Beverage

We are proud to be the recognized filtration supplier of filter cloths, belting and fabric filters to food and beverage customers. We are constantly creating consistent and reproducible filtration solutions to support the ever-growing scale of operations and increasingly rigorous process requirements.


We promise high purity, efficiency and economy to our customers. Our products are highly tested and certified in our hygienic production facilities.

Trusted OEM partner

We work with OEMs to help improve equipment performance, reduce development time and enhance aftermarket service and support to end customers. Through our global footprint, we can also strengthen your ability to provide aftermarket service and technical support to end customers.

Recognized technology leader

We own hundreds of patents and trademarks, each representing a streamlined process, greater yield, reduced costs or competitive advantage for our customers.

Proactive pollution control

Our technologies are at the heart of some of the most advanced pollution control systems. With innovative products, like Proprietary Compact Filter Element (CFE) technology, that delivers longer filter life, cleaner air and greater savings in critical applications, our goal is to make it easy for customers to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Fluid Division

As the future of car technology continues to produce vehicles that are more efficient, pollute less and perform better, the same will be expected from our transmission filtration solutions. We currently lead the industry in developing an extensive and award-winning product line of filtration solutions that improve oil cleanliness, maximize vehicle performance and meet the demands of industry warranty levels for reliability.

Fluid Brands include:

  • Air System Products
  • Filtran LLC
  • IBS Filtran
  • Kaydon
  • Zinga

World-class products by Filtran

We provide a complete line of the highest quality filters that supply virtually every automotive OEM and aftermarket customer on the planet. Our wide range of products includes screen, suction and pressure filter designs as well as advanced filtration systems. They can be assembled into all variations of automatic transmissions, including the latest technology available on the market.

Contaminant-free, guaranteed

We understand the importance of maintaining transmission and engine longevity and performance, and our contaminant analysis experts work daily to develop filter media that remove the maximum number of particles, while providing maximum oil flow.

Compressor technology

We are proud of our reputation as a top producer of condensate drains and oil/water separators for the air and gas compressor market.


We are a leading manufacturer of hydraulics filtration products, including strainers, diffusers, spin-on-filters, pressure filters and other filtration accessories.

Technical capabilities? Check

Research and development, engineering and design, manufacturing and testing services — we cover all the technical bases to ensure we provide the best products, better and faster than anyone else.

Superior customization

We work closely with customers to design, prototype, test and manufacture filtration solutions that meet all quality standards and requirements, especially yours. And with our proprietary simulation software, total design time is reduced from months to weeks.

Industry and customer recognition

Our commitment to new product development, quality and innovation has led to multiple awards from the automotive industry as well as our OEM customers.

Environment, environment, environment

Everything we do is in accordance with the applicable environmental laws, and we work to exceed those requirements to further protect the environment and public health.

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