Filtration Group Companies

Filtration Group Companies

Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem is proudly part of Filtration Group Corporation, the fastest growing filtration company in the world.

Facet, Purolator, Knecht, MAHLE, Jonell, Amafilter, LFC Lochem are just a few of the company names that today combine the expertise in the field of industrial filtration under the umbrella of Filtration Group. The company is now represented at over 100 sites in 28 countries. The number of years that just the companies that are part of the German Filtration Group GmbH alone have been making filters for applications of every type adds up to more than 500 years of total experience.

Filtration Group Process Systems (amafilter – LFC Lochem)





With it’s headquarters and manufacturing plant based in Lochem, The Netherlands and sales offices in the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany and the USA, Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter® – LFC Lochem® is a leader in solid-liquid filtration since the 1930’s.

Filtration Group Process Systems key activity is the design and manufacturing of filter installations aimed at separating solids from liquids, as well as selling and servicing these installations and selling and distributing a wide range of filtration consumables and spare parts.

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Air System Products





Since 1981, Air System Products, LLC. has been manufacturing efficient, reliable, cost-effective products and systems. Our valued reputation has evolved with the continuous introduction of reliable and innovative products such as the Posi-Drain and the Posi-Zorb.

Air System Products customers have known for years the rugged reliability of the Posi-Drains proprietary “Posi-Valve”; without question the best timer drain in the industry. The Posi-Zorb is our latest product introduction and, again, the best in its class of Oil Water Separators. The Posi-Zorb can handle multiple lubricant applications and was developed specifically for the hard to separate Polyglycol’s.

No matter what lubricant or compressor you currently utilize or purchase in the future, Air System Products have an Oil Water Separator that can meet your needs.

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Filtration Group Fluid Filtration






Filtration Group Fluid Filtration provides technologically innovative solutions for automotive and industrial applications in the areas of engine systems and components, filtration and thermal management.

Since the early 1960s, Filtration Group Fluid Filtration has been active in the filtration of hydraulic and lubricating fluids. The continuous development of materials and production technologies guarantees economically and technically optimized products of the highest quality. Filtration Group Fluid industrial filters are therefore the first choice for machine manufacturers and operators of mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment alike. The multilayered design of Filtration Group Fluid Filtration filter elements allows a broad range of applications and high dirt-holding capacity. The filtration performance of the elements remains constant, even with increasing differential pressures and provides maximum protection even under pulsating loads. Long filter service life with low flow resistance guarantees optimal, economical application. With Filtration Group maintenance indicators, maintenance is simplified and maximum economic efficiency is achieved with complete utilization of the dirt-holding capacity of the filter elements.

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Filtration Group Industrial Air





Filtration Group industrial air provides effective ecological and economical solutions for safe dust filtration and clean process performance.

In the field of industrial filtration, there is virtually nothing as demanding as dedusting technology, and so it is particularly important for Filtration Group Industrial Air to have additional expertise in the design, selection, and integration of appropriate filter cartridges. Our filters, equipment, and systems for the dust filtration of air and other gases increase productivity and systems reliability and contribute to product recovery and increased environmental protection and safety at work. For more than 40 years, Filtration Group Industrial Air has been providing effective ecological and economical solutions for safe dust filtration and clean process performance. With comprehensive engineering expertise, Filtration Group Industrial Air provides cutting-edge filtration solutions that make us a market leader.

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PCI Membranes





PCI Membranes specializes in custom-built crossflow membrane filtration systems for liquid separation in wastewater treatment, food and beverage and industrial applications.

With experience developed over forty years, PCI Membranes is able to offer process solutions for a wide variety of filtration applications using microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies. PCI Membranes has developed expertise using all of the leading polymeric crossflow membranes and membrane configurations available on the world market and is therefore ideally placed to match a membrane to a specific application.

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Zinga is a manufacturer of hydraulic filters and related components and accessories for the mobile equipment market, Zinga’s broad manufacturing capabilities position them to quickly respond to the specialized filtration needs of their customers.

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Clear Edge





Clear Edge has more than 100 years of history as a global and technological leader in filtration and screening products for industrial process filtration applications. Clear Edge holds leading market positions across the globe, particularly for woven filter belt and filter cloth products. Technological leadership driven by strong R&D capabilities, vast distribution networks, a comprehensive product portfolio, and a global footprint of over 1000 employees, 14 production sites, and 3 R&D/lab facilities in 12 countries guarantee that Clear Edge Filtration customers can count on the broadest availability of filter cloth, belting and dry filter products in the industry.

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Filtrair is a global manufacturer of synthetic air filtration media and rigid pocket filters.

Recognized as a specialist supplier to the automotive coating and spray painting facilities of all leading auto assembly companies in Europe, North America, and Asia as well as to their subsidiaries located throughout the world. Filtrair is also globally recognized as a market leader for filtration products in the related automotive body repair facilities.

Filtrair products have also been developed for and applied in scores of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, installed in public buildings and plants. Moreover, air filters are found to protect gas turbines, sensitive manufacturing processes, high-tech equipment and medical facilities in addition to food-processing, pharmaceutical and electronic facilities.

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Global Filter





Global Filter produces high-purity pleated filter cartridges in a state-of-the-art production facility.

In Europe Filtration Group Process Systems is your Global Filter partner for the High Purity range of cartridges.

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Jonell has focused on understanding the filtration/separation needs of each of their customers since 1987. Jonell’s custom-designed solutions have consistently proven to enhance maintenance operations while increasing operating efficiency. With decades of accumulated knowledge in replacement OEM filter cartridges, Jonell’s experienced staff can quickly replace over 40,000 OEM element part numbers making us a one-source supplier for your filtration/separation needs.

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Facet manufactures and markets filter housings, filter cartridges, and complete filtration systems for hydrocarbon filtration and separation, and is a leader in global aviation fuel filtration.

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AG Industries





AG Industries develops and manufactures products for the medical and life science industries, specializing in filtration for respiratory therapy consumables.

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Multisorb’s active packaging technology provides superior protection against moisture, odor, oxygen, and other gases by extending shelf life, enhancing product quality and preventing damage.

Multisorb Technologies offers a full range of sorbent products, including desiccants, moisture regulators, oxygen absorbers, volatile absorbers, and other specialty products designed to extend your product’s shelf or service life and protect your product’s quality.

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Porex is a time-tested market leader in porous, fiber and foam material development, manufacturing and innovation.

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Filtran LLC is the global aftermarket leader for automatic transmission filters and filter kits.  Filtran offers a complete line of automatic transmission filters, servicing every vehicle on the road today. Filtran filters are developed using the same quality standards that we use for our OEM filters and feature our Sealed-Seam Zero Leak® technology. In addition, Filtran’s Goldstripe® Sealing Rings, and TransJel assembly lubricants established the industry standard for quality and performance.

Filtran LLC has been keeping automatic transmissions clean for over 50 years. As part of the Sealed Power Corporation Filtran started manufacturing sealing rings in 1950 and expanded into automatic transmission filters in 1973 with the purchase of the F.P Smith company, the primary supplier of transmission filters to the OEM’s. Filtran has a rich history as an automotive parts pioneer and continue today as a premier supplier of transmission filters to the leading OE manufacturers in the U.S., Germany, Japan and China.  Wherever automatic transmissions are made or serviced, you will find Filtran LLC.

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Air Flow Technology





Air Flow Technology manufactures and distributes overspray collectors and maintenance supplies for automotive and industrial paint spray booths.

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Chemco produces filters used in the manufacturing process of everything from fighter jets to aspirin and guitars.

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Filtration Group HVAC





Filtration Group HVAC is one of the largest filter manufacturers in North America, producing over 40 million filters each year.

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Purafil is a global leader in gas phase air filtration systems and engineered solutions designed to protect people, processes and environments.

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Universal Air Filter





Universail air filter is the designer and manufacturer of custom air filters, air filter replacements and electrostatic air filters.

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Waco meets all your needs for air, liquid, gas, HVAC and dust collection filters with branches nationwide.

Waco Filters is the largest air, liquid, gas, HVAC & dust collection filter distributor in the US. Waco’s Filter Inventory Management and Solutions Program (FIMS) delivers hard dollar savings in filtration costs year after year through process improvements while delivering world class service levels. Founded in 1970 in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Waco has 20 stocking locations throughout the US and Canada.

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Dafco is the leading air filter manufacturer in Canada serving industrial, commercial, healthcare and government institutions.

Dafco Filtration Group was formed in 2005 as a result of merging two leading Canadian air filter companies Dafco Filtration Products and Filtration Group Canada. Dafco Filtration Products was established in 1985. Filtration Group Canada is a subsidiary of Filtration Group, which has over 60 years of history. Combining the two companies has created the largest independently owned Canadian air filter manufacturer.

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