amaFlow high quality Industrial Filter bags

amaFlow filter bags are excellent for use in surface filtration. By retaining the solids a cake is formed and a depth filtration might occur. The amaFlow are beneficial when handling batches of (various) liquids and excellent for use in the filtration of liquids containing higher concentrations of coarse solids. amaFlow filter bags are suitable for pre-filtration, end-filtration or as a polishing filter for liquids with extremely low concentrations of solids.

amaFlow needle felt filter bag AP – SP – N – TF – RT – HT 750x750

Needle felt

amaFlow needle felt bags (AP – SP – N – TF – RT – HT) are mainly used where depth filtration properties and high dirty capacity are required. The unique properties of the needle felt material creates a three-dimensional media and retain particles within the needle felt. Available in different types of materials and the possibility of thermal surface treatment for minimizing fiber migration. Please contact us for a wide range of options.

amaFlow filter bag monofilament NMO - PEMO - POMO - T 750x750

Woven monofilament

amaFlow (NMO, PEMO, POMO, T) woven monofilament filter bags are mainly employed where accurate straining is required. The precisely woven non-fiber shedding material results in a very consistent filter quality. Monofilament filter bags have excellent fabric strength and uniform openings. For applications where no fiber migration is required.

amaFlow multifilament filter bag NMU – PEMU 750x750

Woven multifilament

amaFlow (NMU – PEMU) woven multifilament, single threads twisted to create one thicker thread and woven in nominally spaced openings. Multifilament filter bags are very cost-effective for those applications where nominal filtration is required. The amaFlow multifilament is available in nylon or polyester.

amaFlow extended life needle felt filter bag PEXL – POXL 750x750

Extended life needle felt

amaFlow XL (PEXL – POXL) extended life needle felt filter bags have improved filtration properties and extended service life due to increased depth design from graded needle felt. This is achieved by the unique manufactured thicker needle felt layer.

amaFlow Added area Filter bag AA 750x750

Added area

amaFlow (AA) added area filter bags have a filtration area which is approximately 2/3 times higher than the standard size filter bags. This leads to a longer service life and less filter bag change out. Due to the added area bag configuration, the need for a special support basket is required.

amaFlow pleated needle felt filter bag SP-EP 750x750

Pleated needle felt

amaFlow SP-EP pleated needle felt bags offer an increased filtration area and dirt holding capacity resulting in additional service life compared to standard needle felt bags. The graded density design and the thermally set pleat design are the key features of these bags which fit into standard support baskets. These bags are particularly well suited for applications with low viscosity liquids.

amaFlow needle felt filter bag AP – SP – N – TF – RT – HT 750x750


amaFlow multi-layer bags consists of 2 or 3 layers of needle felt material. The micron rating is depending on the application and requirements.

amaFlow high performance filter bag HPM 750x750

High performance

The absolute rated amaFlow high-performance bags (HPM) are mainly used for the demanding high end of bag filter applications. In general filter, bags have a moderate efficiency. If an application needs a high-performance filter bag than the HPM bags can be the solution. The special configuration consisting of multi-layers of filter media results in a high-performance filter bag with available efficiencies of 92% up to 99%.

amaFlow high efficiency filter bag SPMF 750x750

High efficiency

The highly efficient amaFlow SPMF bags are suited for a wide range of applications, from food to chemical. The configuration of the SPMF filter media contains a needle felt layer and two layers of microfibers and results in a high-efficiency filter bag.

amaFlow absorptive filter bag SPAR 750x750


amaFlow SPAR absorptive filter bags are used for treating liquids by absorbing specific substances. The bags are sealed on the sides. The fluid flows through the absorption material. The absorption media will be determined by the application and customer demands.

amaFlow resin bonded filter bag BRB 750x750

Resin bond

The amaFlow BRB is made from resin-coated polyester fibers. The resulting graded double-layer rigid depth design makes the filter bag ideally suitable for removing gel particles.