Cricketfilter® technology

The Cricketfilter®

The Cricketfilter® is a pressure filter with a large specific filtration area due to the filter elements shape. This unique shape provides an up to 40% higher filtration area. The filter volume ratio is better than with round-shaped filter cartridges. Our innovative Cricketfilter® is well known for usage in applications like Edible Oil, Gelatin, Cocoa and Sugar filtration, Oleo Chemical, Mining applications, Metal plating bath filtering and Amine cleaning in the Oil & Gas market.


Dry Cake Discharge

Cricketfilters® with dry cake discharge are used among others for the filtration of activated carbon or animal fat. These systems minimize product waste by reducing the residual liquid content (down to 20% depending on the application).

Cricketfilters® with dry cake discharge are especially suitable when the solids are the desired product because the obtained solids are as pure as possible (washing is an option). The big valve at the bottom guarantees a proper discharge of the dried cake.


Wet Cake Discharge

Cricketfilters® with wet cake discharge are perfectly suitable for applications where:

  • cake formation is too low for dry discharge.
  • The wet cake can be disposed of at a lower cost than drying the cake.
  • A short regeneration time is required.
  • The product has to be transported by pump.

As no bottom valve needs to be installed the wet cake discharge filter is the easiest layout of the Cricketfilter®.

cricketfilter-for-wet-cake-discharge-with-septum plate

Cricketfilter with Septum Plate

Often used in chemical, edible oil for polish filtration. Cricketfilter with septum plate makes it possible easy replacing of filter cloths.

Amafilter – LFC Lochem Cricketfilters® with septum plate is often used as a polish filte r in the chemical and edible oil industry. The Cricketfilter® with septum plate simplifies the replacement of the filtercloths.

Furthermore, there is no internal manifold eliminating the need for spray nozzles. This results in a lower investment and less maintenance.

By using the standard type I Cricket® element with 1500 mm length, proven drain and top cloths can be used. The range is an excellent solution for processes where space is limited, high flows are combined with limited amounts of solids or where flows are limited.

Cricketfilter application

The unique Cricketfilter® technology can be used for direct filtration and for precoat/bodyaid filtration.

Because of the use of filter cloths in a wide range of pore sizes and materials the need for a precoat is often eliminated resulting in an even more ecnomical filtration solutions.

With precoat filtration the Cricketfilter® is first coated with a suitable filteraid.

A precoat is generally used when the solid content is too low to build a proper cake, when particles are too small to be retained by the cloth or when the solids tend to block the cloth.

In some cases the solids on their own form a cake that is too dense resulting in a very low flow of filtered liquid. In these cases a body aid is continuously added to the liquid to maintain sufficient flow through the filter.

At the end of the filtration cycle the filter cake is dried with air or gas and is subsequently backpulsed with air or gas to release the cake.

The filter cake is discharged through a large bottom valve.

  • During the short regeneration time the filter medium is cleaned intensively.
  • The filter element spacing and the filter cloth are selected to suit the filtration needs of the application.
  • Cricketfilters® are standard equipped with a cover lift assembly.
  • The Cricketfilter® itself has no rotating parts, keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum which results in  lower costs.
Cricketfilter open full view

Cricket open

Wide range of process possibilities with variable filtersystems.

The Cricketfilter® however combines the advantages of Pressure Leaf Filters and Candle Filters and avoids the drawbacks of both systems.

  • Higher Filtration velocities possible
  • Easy dry-cake discharge possible through backpulsing
  • Less liquid waste in wet discharging processes
  • Flexible use in various applications
cricketelement new vs old

Optimized Cricketfilter® element design.

We’ve optimized our Cricketfilter® element. A new welding process and a new, 3 part design, with more punctured holes, results in improvements in your filtration processes.

  • Improved cleanability
  • Smoother surface
  • Mould welded
  • New fluent Design


  • Variable filter sizes (footprint area) and element spacing
  • Large filtration area in a small tank volume
  • High liquid throughput (up to 10 m³/m²h) without cake erosion
  • No cake erosion
  • Wide range of applications
  • High filtrate clarity
  • Short regeneration times
  • Continuous filtration possible with multiple filter systems
  • Optimized hydrodynamics
  • Cake washing possible