Biofuel Filtration Products

Biofuel Filtration Products

Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem – can offer a wide variety of disposable and permanent filter products to meet all of your filtration needs.

Filtration Group Process Systems – amafilter – LFC Lochem products are engineered and manufactured to meet stringent quality requirements and are rigorously tested before leaving our manufacturing plants. When you choose Filtration Group Process Systems, you can be assured that you are buying leading edge, high quality and cost effective products. from a leading company that has set the standards for biofuel filtratration for over 30 years.

Our products for biofuel filtration applications include:

  • Vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters for crude oil filtration
  • Backwashable filters for polishing filtration applications
  • Bag and cartridge filters for polishing / safety and final filtration.
  • Range of filter housings for all of the filtration steps.

Pressure Leaf Filters

Filtration Group offers the broadest range of horizontal and vertical pressure leaf filter systems for the filtration of crude oil in biofuel applications. In addition to our standard range of products, we have the ability to customize these designs to your specific requirement.

Polishing filters

Filtration Group Process Systems range of backwashable filter systems includes the innovative Cricketfilter Series system and the PTS Series Candle filters.

Polishing / Safety and Final Filtration

Filtration Group Process Systems range of bag and cartridge filters are used to remove traces of remaining solids from the process and improve final product quality. We offer a broad range of products that can be applied to optimise any process.

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