Air Flow Technology

Air Flow Technology

Air Flow Technology is a leading manufacturer and distributor of EOM and replacement air filters, paint arrestors, overspray collectors, accessoiries, and maintenance supplies for all automotive and industrial paint spray booths as well as diverse range of commercial and industrial HVAC applications. Air Flow Technology is the exclusive U.S. Distribitor of FiltrairCeiling Diffusion Media Products. With manufacturing headquarters in Kenosha WI, Air Flow Technology serves a wide range of industries troughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.



  • Spray Booth Filters
  • Ceiling Diffusion Media
  • Intake Panel Filters
  • Overspray Exhaust Filters
  • Pre-Filter Bags & Other
  • Powder Booth Filters
  • Spray Booth Accessories
  • HVAC Filters
  • Ring Panel Filters
  • Cube Filters
  • Polyester Rolls & Pads
  • Polyester Sleeve Rolls & Pads
  • Pleated Filters
  • Rigid Box Filters
  • High Efficiency Bag Filters
  • Mini-Pleat & V-Cell Filters
  • Rigid Pocket Filters
  • Automatic Rolls
  • Dust Cartridges
  • Wraps Covers Bonnets
  • Carbon Filters
  • Carbon Pleated Filters
  • Carbon Panels/Cubes
  • Filtrair Products
  • Filtrair Specialty Polyesters

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