AG Industries

AG Industries

AG Industries was founded in 1982 as a DME distributor with only 3 employees. As AG began to grow, our specialty quickly became respiratory equipment and the supplies for those systems. As respiratory products became the center of AG, we recognized the constant demand of the systems for disposable supplies, and the red tape that often accompanied their distribution. In order to address those issues AG began to cut, assemble and distribute basic filters to healthcare providers around the country. Along with growing manufacturing capabilities, AG’s innovation grew to include HEPA & custom filters, product design, and a larger focus on fluid filtration including gasses and liquids. Over 30 years AG has grown to into a vertically integrated company with more than 65 full time employees and a worldwide presence.


When it comes to delivering quality, the well stocked and centrally located facility holds the key to all our client’s aftermarket respiratory needs.

Vertically integrated company

As a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor, AG is honored to partner with the members of our distribution chain to provide the best design, parts, products, fulfillment and delivery to our customers and their patients.

Dedicated employees

The AG Industries team is constantly striving to refine our existing products and prepare for future challenges through the integration of research and development within the manufacturing process. By leveraging the skills, expertise, and experience of our dedicated employees we are able to respond quickly to the needs of the industry and form effective relationships with our valued partners.

Design, Manufacturing & Distribution of quality products in the USA.

While manufacturing and supplying a great variety of respiratory products, AG Industries specializes in CPAP, Oxygen Therapy, Aspirator & Nebulizer filters and replacement accessories. In-house design, engineering and manufacturing ensures AG controls each step of production and delivery of a quality product to customers.

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AG Industries
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