People make the difference.

Amafilter started building filters back in the 1930’s and we still do. With Filtration Group we are on a mission to make the world safer, healthier & more productive.

But we couldn’t do that without a dedicated team. As a marketeer I am always impressed by the amount of craftsmanship and dedication that goes into our filters everyday… our driven and experienced team makes the difference and I will keep sharing this.

Below is a collection of pictures I made today just to show you what we are capable of. Don’t think this is a collection of pictures that was made over a couple of months… no… this is in our factory today… right now, an actual update (not saying it’s a weeks work though).

Whether it is a small single bag filter vessel or a custom designed fully automatic pressure leaf filtration skid our people make all the difference.

#safer #healthier #more productive

Multiple x Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

2 x VERSIS 1500 SS  Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter in Stainless Steel

2 x VERSIS 1500 Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

4 x amafilter-LFC Lochem VERSIS Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

20 x amafilter-LFC Lochem Bag & Cartirdge filter vessels

1x Compact Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

2 x Cricketfilter for cocoa butter

Multiple Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters work in progress.

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